We had a blast as guest at this amazing display of skill, fitness, timing and entertainment.

I have been a fan of wrestling ever since I was about 5 years old and yes, it may be choreographed and it may be scripted to an extent but I have been around the business long enough to know that these guys work insanely hard to make a living and to make the crowds cheer. They are extreme athletes who put on a show over 350 nights a year despite broken bones, pulled muscles and torn ligaments. People who condemn this sport because of its plotted entertainment aspect have no idea how tough this job is to do and less than one percent of the people who run their mouths could actually do it for a week much less as a career. 

And then there are the people who you don’t see. The guys who set up and tear down the ring each night. The guy who makes sure the music plays on cue. The guys who make sure the spot lights follow all of the action. These people believe in this sport enough to give up a normal home life and follow these athletes all over the globe. And what about the families of the wrestlers? Many of them are raising young families on the road; that makes an already difficult task harder still. And all this to hear the fans roar to life when these guys make their way to the ring. 

So I salute these amazing people for their love and commitment of the sport and their dedication to the cause. Thank you for having us and for continuing to do what you do: Entertain!


Matt Hardy was proud to come over to our table and show his support. I would also like to send a shout out to his lovely wife, Reby who sat and talked with us for a while. Both Made a generous donation to our cause and it means so much because I know how hard they work for a living! Thanks so much!


Even Matt Hardy’s competitor couldn’t resist these fuzzy little balls of cuddlely cuteness! 

John McChesney or the “Big League”, just couldn’t let these little guys go! He must of carried at least one of the little puffs of hair around all night; right up until it was time to wrestle. We couldn’t have been more proud!

John also made a very generous donation to our cause. Thank you so much for your support and the kitties say they miss you!


As you can see, Kittens are contagious, as Dalton Castle came running over for his chance to snuggle a kitten.

Michael Chichowicz or “Facade” was probably responsible for some of the most “Awwwwww!!!!” inspiring pictures of the night!

A big time animal lover, Michael also made a generous donation to our cause. Thanks so much!

I hope these pictures finally put to sleep the horrible myth that you can’t be a manly-man and still love cats . . . cuz just look at those arms! Ladies, feel free to swoon.


Dalton was also kind enough to make a generous donation to our cause.

Dalton and this kitten made fast friends and this little white and blue kitten was even teaching him a few moves to use in the ring.

Thanks so much & the kitten says “Remember to use the claw!”

Pictures of Other Friends We Made That Day!