For those who know me, I am rarely this dressed up or this clean. I am normally wearing my best “Modern Orphan” attire and covered in cat hair. But this is proof that I do clean up well!

Hello! As most of you know, I am a army of one. I am the caretaker, the cat wrangler, the maintenance man, the taxi driver, the delivery boy, the animal midwife, the accountant, the book keeper, the janitor, the plumber, the electrician, the . . . you get the point.

Which is why I truly appreciate all the help I get from our Supporters and Volunteers!

CEO – Chris Harr

Me, Wooden Pumpkin and Mike

Vice President – Currently Vacant

Treasurer – Jackie Harr

Joan and Mike

Secretary – Joan Moran

Director of Animal Welfare – Michael Stehley

Ken and kitten

A Special Shout Out to Our Hardest Working Volunteer: Ken Harr.

Sometimes the Occasion calls for a Cat Suit!
Giraffe and Joan
Me, Santa Clause and Jackie