Who We Are:

We are a 501 c3, Non-Profit, 100% No-Kill, animal rescue that specializes in pets with special needs. A large majority of the pets we take in would be immediately put down at most other rescues due to health conditions or behavioral problems. I believe that every pet deserves a chance even if they’re not the most desirable.  So if an animal doesn’t find a home, they spend their entire lives with us. We try to make the rescue as close to home as possible since this will be 60% of our population’s permanent residence.

Our Mission:

To stop animal cruelty and neglect, to control animal over population thru spay & neuter and catch & release programs; to ensure every pet has a forever home.

Our Purpose:

We are a 100% No-Kill Animal Sanctuary that believes that you can save them all. We are here to ensure that every unwanted, abused, neglected animal gets the love and care they so desperately needs. Our goal is to give every pet a home until they can find a forever home.

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

Dr. Seuss


We were in the middle of moving from Donora to Monessen when we were falsely accused of animal neglect for refusing to euthanize a FeLuk Positive cat named Linus, OVER A YEAR AGO, who is subsequently still alive and well, and because we did not take him to the vet repeatedly when there is absolutely nothing a vet can do for a terminally ill cat other than the holistic care he was receiving at our rescue.

Now we need your help to clear our good name and get the animals to a save place where they will not be euthanized just because of their lack of adoptability! Donate today to help us fight to defend Sanctuaries who protect all pets regardless of their adoptability!